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Dato 2019/03/09
Klokkeslett From 10

Workshop: In my story I find my strenght

3000,- NOK

  • Dato
  • 2019/03/09

  • Klokkeslett
  • From 10

  • Pris
  • 3000,- NOK

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Workshop: In my story I find my strenght

Med Eva Hernadez, Reconstructiveschool Spain.

What have you been delaying for so long?

Have you considered that it is time to take action in your life?

In this workshop, we will go to the past aiming to find the strength to face the future; we will unearth what we never looked at in order to transform it in a way that supports us and gives us a new vision of ourselves. In our history and what we always saw as limitations, there are also our best resources and gifts. Connecting with them gives us the tools to start creating a life of greater fulfilment and trust.

This implies leaving our survival program…

Between 0 and 6 years old, we learn a program that helps us to survive. This program includes beliefs, stories, experiences … that mark us and determine the way we face our daily lives. Inside that program, we frame the events that we had to experience and turn them into stories. We often use these stories to stay stuck in limitation and inside the comfort zone. When I resist, reject or judge what I had to walk in my life, I also lose myself. By finding the meaning in those experiences, by seeing them from another perspective, my old limitations become the strength to say YES to life, in a big way.

How can Reconstructive help me?

In the work of Reconstructive, we empower the energy, which is full of information, to express itself. This allows us to connect with the real issues that are hidden under the layers of our ego. Reconstructive lifts the masks that we built in order to survive and exposes our reality. It is a quantum intervention that starts with a group dynamic and high intensity body work. The body is used as a primary tool to understand the path of learning. It is an expanded field of consciousness that has the power to challenge our perception and resolve our conflicts. The work of Reconstructive is intense, challenging, simple, clear and effective. I don´t reach true understanding through the intellect; I live it in the body and grasp it with my whole Being. It takes me back to the origin, to the moment of naked truth that makes me open to who I really am. This can give me the strength and motivation to commit to myself and create my life from a new self-confidence. 

“The longest path goes from the mind to the heart” Carola Castillo

There will be coffe, tea and some fruits. Other food we bring with us.
Dates: 2019

March 9, 10 – 19, march 10, 10 – 16.
Prize: 350 euro (or 3500 Nkr)
Price before february 10 , 300 euro (or 3000 N kr).

Sign in or more information: hildur.vea@reconstructiveschool.no

How to come to Karmoy:
Plane to Oslo, and the plane to Haugesund (45 min). Then there is 15 minutes with car.
Plane to Stavanger, airport bus to centrum, and Kystbussen to Haavik (1,5 hour, inkludes ferry and 3 under sea tunnels).