• Dato
  • 2020/05/01

  • Klokkeslett
  • 1000

  • Pris
  • 4000,- NOK

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Workshop soundhealing with Jens Zygar

Welcome to a three day long work shop with sound healing. In this work shop we will go deep in to sound healing, learning by energy frequencies and how this can transform the energies in our body. In this work shops we will go deep into

  • frequencies and energies
  • how to use vibration in healing
  • use of different instrument, like gongs, drums, chakra forks, and many other.
  • learn how to create a sound healing group

Friday: 1000 – 1700, Saturday 1000 – 1700 and Sunday 1000 – 1600.

This is a work shop for all people who wants to learn more about vibration and frequencies, and how we can use this knowledge to the best for our self and others.

About Jens Zygar… (coming)